KGF2 Star’s Charity: Rs 5000 In Every AccountKannada film star KGF hero Yash is showing his magnanimous side to the world with his Covid-19 donation. Yash is crediting Rs 5000 to over three thousand people working across 21 crafts in the Kannada film industry.

Yash issued an official statement announcing the same. He said that the Covid- 19 is an invisible enemy that has taken away the livelihood of countless people across the nation. The Kannada film industry is no exception and he is doing his duty as could help provide a small hope in these gloomy times.

Rs 5000 to over three thousand people means Yash is donating over one and a half crores to the Kannada film Industry. It is a grand gesture and shows how large-heartedness of the star. He is doing it from his earnings.

Yash is currently taking a forced break from movies, much like everyone else from the film industry across the country. He has one of the most awaited releases, KGF Chapter 2, in the pipeline waiting to hit the cinemas. A call is to be taken soon on its release date.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has delayed an official announcement concerning the upcoming projects of Yash. One has already heard the buzz regarding his following, but official confirmations are still not made due to the on-going second wave. It will be another huge pan-India film.