Krishna Vamsi Abuses Tollywood Reviewers CriticsKrishna Vamsi is a man of few words generally but this time around he has spoken like never before and his words are sure shot set to create a huge controversy now.

The promo from one of his recent interviews shows Vamsi blasting the online review system badly. The talented director even goes to the extent of calling the reviewers as bastards.

Seen in the promo is Krishna Vamsi speaking against the online review system and even asks them to at least wait for a week and then review the film. He even added that people without any knowledge about technical stuff like screenplay are commenting about the film which is very bad.

This promo has started trending and has sure not gone well with many reviewers. Perhaps everyone is of the opinion that Vamsi should have at least checked himself before he hurled abuses in such a strong way.

What all he told during the interview we will only know when the entire show comes out. For now, he has rubbed a lot of them in a very wrong way for sure.