Lots of buffoons on Twitter – Swathi

Swathi Reddy popularly known as Colours Swathi has been a well known celebrity from a long time. Thanks to her recent films that has increased a bit more. What is even more interesting is that this success is not just limited to Telugu films alone, she has admirers across South Indian film industry thanks to some of her successful films in Tamil and Malayalam as well.

Recently a scribe keeping this popularity in mind asked her why doesn’t she join social networking site Twitter and interact with fans as they would love to hear more from her. The actress in reply stated that she would never be on such sites as it’s full of buffoons and stalkers who try to post nasty comments most of the times. If I want to stay in touch I would directly interact with them, she added. Well we can’t say she is far away from truth but when more popular celebrities can manage it we think she could as well. What do you say?