Devi Sri Prasad is in a roll these days what with him delivering one hit album after the other. It also helps that those albums apart from becoming hits musically have also become success commercially. Thanks to such stupendous run every album of his eagerly waited. Now think of this most of those successful albums have been just about good stuff in his typical style. Imagine an album that’s devoid of his style and is very good. Wouldn’t it be his career best album?

Well that is what sources in the industry say about his upcoming big album 1 Nenokkadine. The music in the film given by Devi Sri Prasad is already getting superb response among the closed circles in industry who have had the privilege of listening to them. They say that Devi Sri Prasad has outdone himself with this album.

What is interesting here is that this is the first time Devi Sri Prasad would be composing music for a Mahesh Babu film. And if that wasn’t enough this has Sukumar in the director’s seat, with whom, the music director shares a great rapport. Well for all of us to feel the same we have no choice but to wait till December when the audio of the film would be released.