Actor Mahesh Babu and his wife Namrata have always lent themselves to social causes such as fighting rape and bigotry against women. However, this is the first time that the couple has spoken out about their charity work as well as becoming brand ambassadors of an NGO. The couple have joined hands with a city based NGO in order to help underprivileged children. This NGO provides medical help to critically ill children, which is a cause that is very close to the couple’s heart. Mahesh Babu explained that his own son Gautam had been born premature and that was a very anxious and stressful time of his life. It made him understand a parent’s perspective and this is the reason why he feels so strongly about saving critically ill kids with timely medical intervention.

Namrata on the other hand feels that they do not need a reason for doing this work or supporting this cause. She feels that since she is in a position to provide help to some underprivileged children, she will do her best to give back to the society. Namrata also reiterated that she understands all the trials that the parent of an ill kid goes through and so she wants to do all she can for these parents who lack the financial resources to get medical aid for their children.