Maruti to head to Bollywood

Maruti has turned out to be the torchbearer of Telugu industry, thanks to his quirky, offbeat films that have drawn attention of other industries to Telugu. His films may not boast an out-of-the-box story line, but have always churned out a blockbuster with his low-budget flicks. One of the recent example is his film Prema Katha Chitram, which not only completed 100 days, but is also being remade in Kannada.

The latest buzz is that the film will be remade in Hindi with a top banner, and Maruthi is expected to direct the Hindi version. He says that he would love to direct the Hindi version provided he finds time between his busy schedule. Apparently the producer of PKC Adi Seshagiri Rao, who has acquired the remake rights, is planning to collaborate with UTV and make the film in Hindi.

If Maruthi manages to enter Bollywood, it would definitely be a proud moment for Telugu industry. The best part is that he has proved that one can make films with meager budget and yet ensure box-office success.

There are also rumours that PKC would be remade in Tamil, but news about the same is yet to surface from an authentic source. Looks like after Vikramarkudu, this might be the only Telugu film to have remake in so many languages.