There is an interesting new trend emerging if we observe closely. The recent two films that made a big noise at the box office are from Tamil director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Sandeep Reddy Vanga.

In both cases, Leo and Animal had massive pre-release hype, but there is no denying that both films delivered only half. Coincidentally, both films have a weak second half, but that did not affect these films.

Both films had massive buzz and modern mass appeal, aligning with the current trend. In the past, for the kind of numbers these two films generated in their respective industries (Leo in Tamil, Animal in Hindi), the content needed to be very strong.

But now, the hype and the director-hero combination did the job at the box office.

Next in line is Salaar and Prashanth Neel. There is a good chance that even if Salaar falls into an average bracket, it may repeat the same performance like Leo and Animal did at the box office, leveraging the hype and director-star combo.