NTR in Ram Kandireega sequel

With actor Ram’s tasteful acting skills displayed perfectly in Kandireega, it was highly anticipated that he would bag the lead role in the sequel. However, it was not to be, as recent news suggests that Ram has been ousted from Kandireega 2, which has come across as quite a shock to the actor. The cause for this cast change has been attributed to the issues Ram and Bellamkonda had issues regarding remuneration.

This leads inevitably to the actor who snatched the role from Ram. Apparently Producer Bellamkonda Suresh asked director Santosh Srinivas to narrate the story to NTR, who impressed by the plot agreed to work on the project. Although NTR’s schedule is currently full with film Baadshah and after with Harish Shankar’s movie from January, it is expected that Santosh’s film might go to sets after the completion of these two projects. Let’s wait for an official conformation from Bellamkonda soon.