NTR & Ram Charan: Men Of Asses!Even as Rajamouli‘s RRR is nearing closer, fans of NTR and Ram Charan are getting more impatient on social media.

Gone are the days, they celebrate the bromance of the heroes, they are now in comparison mode about whose hero is strong and better.

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The latest fight is about whose hero suits better for the tag ‘Man of Masses’. Ram Charan fans say NTR has no own fan base except for the fans of Nandamuri family and TDP.

NTR Fans say Ram Charan is in no way comparable to NTR’s stardom and capabilities and so, calling him ‘Man Of Masses’ is an outright joke.

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Fans of both sides are accumulating many silly reasons and outrageous abuses to support their argument and to say who is the better ‘Man of Masses’.

But then, if both of them are not truly the men of masses why would the country’s most sought director would give them a chance?

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Keeping the debate aside, jobless fans involving in this debate make their heroes ‘Men of Asses’.