Ram Charan Acharya RRR Movie Release Dates IssuesSS Rajamouli has booked two dates for his RRR. March 18th and April 29th are the probable release dates. He will pick whatever release date that is close to the normalcy in the country and the theaters. However, this release strategy will make Ram Charan and Acharya the victims.

Acharya is now announced for April 1st release. In case, RRR is arriving on March 18th, Acharya will naturally get postponed to a later date.

If Rajamouli opts for April 28th release date, no way Rajamouli will allow another film of Ram Charan to release so close to his movie release.

In all probability, Acharya may have to get postponed once again. The movie already got postponed multiple times and these postponements are taking sheen out of the project.

In case, Chiranjeevi convinces Rajamouli and arrive on April 1st, even then, it will be a bad for a star hero to have two releases in a short gap.

With this mess all around, Chiranjeevi will repent the fact that he did not push for the movie release in December when Balakrishna dared to release his Akhanda.

Along with Ram Charan, Koratala will also feel miserable and frustrated. He is struck with this project for a long time. He desperately wants it to release. So that he can completely focus on #NTR30 without any deviation.