Operation Valentine

Operation Valentine’s box office performance has been nothing short of embarrassing.

Despite extensive promotion and the star power of Varun Tej, the film failed to captivate audiences, particularly in Hindi-speaking regions where it garnered a shockingly low 20 lakhs on its opening day.

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The lifetime business of the film might wrap with less than 1 crore net in Hindi.

Even in the native Telugu market, excitement for Operation Valentine was notably lacking. While ‘Operation Valentine’ attempted grandeur, its substandard technical execution doomed its prospects from the outset.

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A well-made film like Fighter made on a similar subject also underperformed. Then the fate of a technically substandard film like Operation Valentine in Hindi was sealed even before the release, despite all promotions by Varun Tej and the team.

This raises pertinent questions about Tollywood’s approach to VFX-heavy productions. Without adequate resources and a commitment to refining the final product, such ventures risk disillusioning both creators and audiences.

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Moreover, misrepresenting these films as ‘pan-India’ undermines genuinely ambitious projects. It’s a disservice to all stakeholders involved.

In essence, ‘Operation Valentine’s’ underwhelming performance serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of quality over spectacle in cinematic endeavors.”