Hi Nanna

Natural Star Nani, and Mrunal Thakur starrer Hi Nanna is due for release on December 7th. The team organized a grand pre-release event in Vizag with a huge turnout for the same, making it a big hit.

While speaking at the occasion, producer CV Mohan said, “Nani okayed the story in a single sitting. The other day I watched the movie along with my wife and my daughter and we literally cried. Shouryuv showed what really love is.”

Nani said, “I have a close bond with Vizag. My action movies did well in Ceded. My class and entertaining films performed well in the USA and Hyderabad city. But despite any genre, all my movies did well in Vizag. I will always be grateful to the people of Vizag.”

Nani wished for the success of all the movies arriving in December and January. He also wished that December and January would be declared as festival of movies months.

I feel proud of director Shouryuv. Though it’s his first movie, he did really well as a director. I strongly wished the first movie of my producers to be a special one. I think we made a great movie. It’s a great start for them.

I happened to watch the movie the other day with the re-recording work, and Hesham did magic with his music. He is the soul of this movie. Shruti Haasan will be seen in a special song.

Hi Nanna will have some other surprises in store for you. Ottesi Chebuthunna, Hi Nanna will be a memorable film. You will take many memories with the performance of Kiara.”