Kiran Abbavaram To Skip Sebastian Pc 524Kiran Abbavaram is trying hard to gain attention with his films. Thanks to some hit songs, his films got some audience in the past. Kiran also proclaims that he is a huge fan of Pawan Kalyan and made it on his own without any background.

Now, his new film Sabastian will be out on February 25th and this is also the date when Pawan Kalyan’s Bheemla Nayak will be out. This new date of Sebastian has rubbed the fans of Pawan Kalyan in a wrong manner.

They have been trolling Kiran as to how being a Pawan fan, he can come on the same date. But this is where Kiran’s overaction is revealed as he replies to a fan saying “Mekante inkocham ekkuvane wait chestuna #BheemlaNayak kosam. Na movie unna sare First day first show Racha aayana movie lone”

This line saying he will watch Pawan’s Bheemla Nayak ignoring his own film has become a troll topic with the fans. This raises the question of whether the Pawan Kalyan fans who have given support to Kiran in the past, give any opening to Sebastian in spite of the Bhajana he does.

A lot of people were so irritated with Kiran’s last film SR Kalyana Mandapam that he imitated Pawan Kalyan to an extent. But some say that Kiran knows that Bheemla Naya might move out of the date and that is the reason, he has selected this date and is overacting to no extent.