Overwhelming: Adivi Sesh Doing So Much, Going Places for Him Adivi Sesh is a rare gem in the Telugu Film Industry who built his credibility in the industry with sheer hard work and passion by consistently delivering on different fronts, both on the acting side and also as a writer and also sometimes as a director.

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His passion and respect for the story of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan seems to have no bounds as the actor is trying to bring in every detail of the life of the patriot who lost his life during 26/11 Mumbai attacks. So, it’s from Kerala, Unnikrishnan’s birthplace to Mumbai Attacks through his journey as an officer in Kargil etc.

So, Adivi Sesh confirms once again that the movie isn’t going to be just about the Mumbai Attacks and his bravery but also the life of the major from his childhood, his first love and his other endeavours in the Indian Army.

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The actor cum writer developed a special bond with the Major’s parents who were initially skeptical but now they became important in the actor’s life who has their back for their entire life. It’s rare for an actor to develop and continue a personal relationship with the parents of the martyr.

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