Director--Maruthi-Pakka-Commercial-OTT-Maruthi’s Pakka Commercial emerged as one of the year’s biggest disasters. The film didn’t even fetch a decent initial and couldn’t survive till the first weekend.

Maruthi, who was considered to be the c/o address for minimum guarantee films, faced humiliation at the box office, and Pakka Commercial turned out to be a blot on his career.

But the film is hogging some attention on social media after its OTT premiere. In one of the court scenes in Pakka Commercial, there is a satire on the proposed 3 capitals in Andhra Pradesh. It looked like the director mocked the decision of YS Jagan’s government to have three capitals.

This clip is being shared on social media by the anti-government gang while the YSRCP supporters are breathing fire on the director for making a mockery of YS Jagan’s governance.

Netizens are saying that Maruthi must be smiling somewhere in a corner that his film is at least being talked about now because of this scene, or else the way the audience ignored Pakka Commercial must have hurt him very badly.

Maruthi must be worried because YCP is known for its vendetta politics, and this outburst might cause harm to him, physically or career-wise. The disastrous fate of the movie was already disheartening to Maruthi, and now this unnecessary political controversy might create another headache for him.