Political Atmosphere impresses Shankar!

Filmmaker Shankar is currently involved in the shooting of his film Ai with Vikram and Amy Jackson in the lead. But Telugu and Tamil audiences no doubt remember the impressive movie ‘Oke Okkadu’ starring Arjun in lead role, which had been later remade in Bollywood in the name Nayak. This film that has been made by Shankar was based on the theme of a man who becomes chief minister for a day and changes the whole political scenario. This was a message that was very well appreciated.

At present, Shankar sees our country’s political atmosphere and finds that it resonated with the movie’s theme and is quite happy about the fact. On his social networking page, he therefore posted, “2013 ended with an unexpected happiness of my film Oke Okkadu/Nayak/ been referred with the recent Kejriwal happenings through TV, Newspapers, tweets, fb posts, sms and phone calls…”