Prabhas-New-Look-Prabhas has fans not only for his acting skills but also for his dashing looks and towering persona. But he has been disappointing his fans recently by wearing a weird scarf around his head.

Many fans were saying that Prabhas was looking like Sai Baba these days. The scarf was unflattering on Prabhas’ cutout, but still, he wore it on many occasions. On social media, whenever Prabhas’ offscreen pics surfaced, his fans requested him to remove that scarf as that was making him look unglamorous.

Looks like Prabhas has finally listened to the advice of fans and has removed the scarf. Instead, he was seen wearing a cap in the pics that were making rounds on social media today.

Fans are hailing this look as much better than the scarf wala. Offscreen looks are very important these days to maintain a strong fan following among the masses and youth, and many stars are realizing this fact sooner or later.

Prabhas will be next seen in the mythological VFX drama Adi Purush and Prashanth Neel’s hard-hitting Salaar.