Prabhas made his debut as an actor with Eeshwar 11 years ago and finally after all those years the actor has created a own niche for himself in Telugu cinema along with acquiring hoard of fans. The result of this fans escalation was seen with his last release Mirchi that went on to become a blockbuster at the box office earlier in year.

With the actor now being part of the costliest Telugu film of all time Baahubali directed by SS Rajamouli, talks about the actor becoming the number 1 star in Telugu film has begun. Baahubali is slated to have a two parts release and its already being touted as an industry hit among the trade and certain quarters of the industry. And hence the talk of the number one too has started to grow. If Prabhas has two Industry Hits courtesy the Baahubali movies then he surely has a stake at the number one spot doesn’t he?

However there is another section which promptly asks about the Rajamouli factor. SS Rajamouli the director as we know is the biggest director in Telugu currently and his reputation is that of almost a star himself. When working with such director the credit has to be shared no matter who is the hero, they say. So, one has to wait till the post Baahubali films, to anoint Prabhas as the new number 1, if he indeed manages to achieve what the trade above expects him to do with the two Baahubali films. Which one of the two views you agree with? Share your thoughts below.