Prabhas's-connection-with-BPrabhas is busy shooting for Baahubali, but what’s his connection to period film Bhakta Kannappa? Apparently, veteran actor Krishnam Raju, who played the lead in the Telugu classic Bhakta Kannappa by filmmaker Bapu, wanted to remake the film with Prabhas for many years but that idea never got made into materialized.

However, since Sunil has been roped in for the new version of the film by Tanikella Bharani, everybody wants to know what had happened to the film idea by Krishnam Raju and how would he allow Bharani to remake the film. Also, there are rumours that this Sunil film will be a big-budget outing and the director is in talks with big studios to produce or co-produce it.

We will have wait and see how will Krishnam Raju and Prabhas will react to this new?