Prashanth Neel -RajamouliWith two pan-Indian movies in the offing from South India, various comparisons are bound to happen. The first one came in the form of ‘KGF 2’ teaser, yesterday. With superb response also came comparisons with Rajamouli’s hero elevations.

SS Rajamouli is known for his goosebumps giving elevations and he has been doing that since his first movie till his last release. So, netizens and social media users started comparing Prashanth Neel’s high elevations moments with Rajamouli’s elevation scenes.

Rajamouli started period films and when it comes to his films like ‘Eega’, there is a huge vacuum for mass elevations. Though Koratala Siva did once in ‘Mirchi’ giving high-level mass elevation scenes for Prabhas, he didn’t continue the same with his following movies and never showed that kind of work, again.

‘KGF 2′ teaser came and gave a big hope that Prashanth Neel could be that guy who can fill the vacuum regarding mass elevation scenes. His next films are with Prabhas and NTR. Obviously, the stars’ fans are excited for the way the ‘KGF 2′ teaser turned out to be. Prabhas’ fans on social media are talking about the explosion of Prabhas-Prashanth combo, already.

Is it fair to compare a director like Prashanth Neel with Rajamouli who has been proven his mettle with back-to-back blockbusters? However, with the strong message that the young director sent with ‘KGF 2’ teaser, he indirectly set the debate on fire on social media.

But, one should remember that Rajamouli didn’t do it with one film. Rajamouli earned the credit because he was able to deliver the mass elevation scenes continuously for his heroes including ‘Baahubali 2’.

No one can forget that head-chopping scene in Baahubali. If ‘KGF’ director can also achieve that feat, it would be a mass treat for fans and hence, they are praying big-time that he would maintain the same.