Raavi regrets not completing Anjali’s biography

Veteran Telugu actor Raavi Kondala Rao, who is saddened by the sudden death of yesteryear actress Anjali Devi, regrets the fact that he couldn’t complete the book he was putting together featuring the real life stories of the latter. Anjali Devi, 86, passed away on Monday due to heart-related problems.

He said that he wouldn’t mind if it’s called her autobiography because he was only helping to put down her thoughts into words. He said that he was merely a stenographer. Both have been working on that book for the last few years but he still couldn’t find a publisher for the same and unfortunately Anjali Devi has passed away. He regrets he couldn’t publish it for her to see it.

The book will feature some of the very personal anecdotes from Anjali’s life – good, bad as well as worst. Rao, who has also worked with her in a film called Sobha, said they have good friends for several years and he remembers meeting her about six months back in Chennai when he went to meet his son. He wishes he had met in the last two months when her health had worsened.