Trailer Talk: Mass On DutyThe theatrical trailer for Ravi Teja’s Ramarao On Duty is out now and it promises to be a mass actioner with a socially relevant plot and theme.

Ravi Teja is introduced as an upright government officer who smells something fishy related to a kidnapping case and takes matter into own hands. The senior actor suits the demeanor of the character.

The action shots in the trailer imply that the film is loaded with enough action blocks that cater to the masses. The BGM is in tune with the narrative. A glimpse of Satyan Sooriyan’s brilliant visuals are seen in the trailer.

On the flip side, the trailer would’ve been more effective had the runtime been a bit shorter.

Ramarao On Duty is announced for theatrical release on the 29th of July. The film is directed by Sarath Mandava and it has Divyansha Kaushik and Rajisha Vijayan in the female lead roles.