Rana-Daggubati-Multistarer-movieRana Daggubati, the man was born with a silver spoon but fought many unknown battles that may seem not too obvious because of his public image that he created for himself in the earlier stages of his career. Today is his birthday and it’s very special for his fans. Why?

It’s special because of the recent revelation that came from him about his health and the sensitive condition he had been and how it changed his lifestyle and perception altogether. Before that, Rana had the most flamboyant lifestyle one can enjoy.

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From being a star kid who has everything and born with a silver spoon, a big foodie, a star who has got a blockbuster like ‘Baahubali’ to a man who underwent treatment for a critical ailment that would have otherwise been life-threatening, Rana has come a long way as a changed man who fought and won his own battles.

The line up of films he has right now like ‘Virataparvam‘, ‘Hiranyakashipa’ and ‘Aranya’ all show us a different Rana who wants to make good Cinema for the generations to remember. Happy Birthday to the man who loves Cinema above all, working for giving great cinematic experiences to the audiences.

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