Director Harish Shankar, known for his 2012 hit Gabbar Singh, is now working on Mr. Bachchan, starring hero Ravi Teja. The recently released song from the film sparked controversy on social media, not because of any content unseen in other films or new.

In short, social media criticized senior hero Ravi Teja for pairing up with young heroine Bhagyashri Borse in Mr. Bachchan. While it’s not uncommon for senior heroes above 50 to dance in duets with young actresses, there is a context behind it.

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Those who closely follow social media know that Ravi Teja has faced similar criticism for almost every one of his films, often portraying actresses as mere glam dolls.

In Mr. Bachchan, a particular step in the song, where the hero performs a pocket step on the heroine’s back, sparked immediate reactions from a significant section of social media, calling it objectification, among other criticisms.

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One of the viral social media posts read:

“56-year-old Ravi Teja’s sickening dance steps with the 25-year-old Bhagyashree Borse. And the filmmakers don’t even care to show the actress’ face here, because all they want is to objectify her. This is one of the most anticipated movies in Telugu.”

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Director Harish Shankar responded to the above post:

“Congratulations on the discovery.. I think you should apply for the Nobel Prize… And please continue to critique filmmakers… We welcome you.”

In the end, what matters is whether Harish Shankar will deliver a hit that has been evading him for years.