Salman Khan who is smashing box office left and right with one big grosser after the other is doing something similar on the small screen as well. According to the latest ratings that have been released for Television, Big Boss, a show which the actor hosts has got the highest TRP’s for a reality show. These TRP’s are higher by a good margin among all the reality shows hosted by a well known celebrity.

It is no wonder then that the actor was paid a whopping, hold your breath, 130 for the latest season of the show which roughly translates to 5 Cr per episode. It thus makes him truly the big boss of the Television world as the next highest that any celebrity gets is 3.5 Cr (Amitabh Bachchan) and 3 Cr (Aamir Khan). Shah Rukh Khan the last time he hosted a show got around 2.5 Cr. Clearly one can see the difference between Salman Khan and the rest.

The interesting thing to remind the readers here is that Salman Khan when he was the host of the show Dus Ka Dum used to get around 80 Lakhs per episode that was when the actor was in a low phase and his dream run had just begin. He was in fact removed as a host from an earlier season of Big Boss as well and was replaced with Sanjay Dutt. But owning to poor TRP’s Salman Khan was brought again for a higher price. This season the actor got even bigger price. Success truly speaks more than words.