Sandeep Reddy Vanga

Unexpectedly, BRS leader Malla Reddy stole all the limelight at the Animal event yesterday after making some over-the-top and unnecessary comments about Bollywood.

Due to Malla Reddy’s statements, people forgot to pay attention to what director Sandeep Reddy Vanga said about the film during the event.

One shocking revelation that not many grasped was that Vanga said he always felt that no hero would accept such a script as Animal.

Vanga revealed that the script of Animal is such that anyone could easily reject it, questioning, “What kind of story is this? What kind of drama is this? Where’s the logic in this?”

So, Vanga thanked Ranbir Kapoor for accepting to do Animal and trusting in his abilities as a writer and director. He expressed gratitude to Ranbir for traveling with him for three years to bring Animal to the audience.

“Animal” unfolds as an intricately woven love story between a father and his son. The makers also revealed that only 20% is dedicated to action and violence. The predominant essence of the movie is a gripping portrayal of intense family drama.