Sarika finally Speaks!

Except Kamal, the family of Shruti Haasan had been mum about the topic of a stalker attack on the actress until recently. However, Shruti’s mother Sarika (Kamal’s Ex wife) has now finally come forward and spoke about the issue. According to her, it was an unfortunate incident but luckily, Shruti is fine now. Sarika also said that it is very sad that these kinds of things are happening a lot now, and public figures are not the only ones vulnerable but other women are equally at risk. Therefore, one must learn how to properly handle these situations. Not that she is not worried for her daughter, but people should learn to deal with this kind of stuff.

As for Shruti’s safety, Sarika is obviously concerned, but she is not going to restrict her or make her stay with her family. She will tell her daughter to be careful but she won’t take away her independence.