Sarika-Akshara-debutVeteran actress Sarika seems to be very happy about the fact that both her daughters, Shruti Haasan and Akshara have found their niche. Shruti Haasan has already made her name in the industry as a talented actress and now Akshara is also on the verge of her debut in the film industry with a film that would be launched by director R. Balakrishnan and will feature actor Dhanush as the male lead.

Sarika says that she and her daughters enjoy sharing tidbits and discuss everything about their careers and that it is very exciting for them. This does not mean that Sarika gives tips to her daughters about making it in the industry. She believes that every generation works in a particular way and she wants Akshara to make her own mistakes and find her way on her own because it is going to be different.