Versatile actor, Kota Srinivas Rao, featured in a TV show and shared his views over various topics with the public. When a fan asked him if he enjoyed acting like a villain or a comedian, he quoted saying brilliantly, “People say that I’m a character based artist. But I believe I’m not just a character based artist but also an artist with character.”

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Going by his view towards politics, he supports BJP and is hoping that NaMo gets selected as the PM. Coming to the current set of actors, he said that the heroes of now are not as talented as they were earlier. According to him, the heroes of Shobhan Babu’s generation to Chiranjeevi’s generation were better than the ones of the current generation.

He also said that nowadays we are depending more on actors from other lingual background than the ones from our own land. He claims that Telugu movies are disgracing the roles of divine characters like Lord Yama by asking actors like Sayaji Shinde to play it. He even disagrees on the statement that says Sayaji Shinde is a good actor.

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He wants people in TFI to realize that they are just degrading the culture of Telugu movies by asking bad actors to play great, respected roles and that they must learn about this through experience.