Sruthi Haasan guest role

Shruti Haasan who was seen doing an extended guest appearance in Jr NTR starrer Ramayya Vastavayya defends her decision for taking up the role. Speaking at the success meet organized for the film the actress said that to her the impact of the character matters more than the length of it. She said that she accepted role in Ramayya Vastavayya only because she knew that she had a memorable character in hand.

Well if one were to go by the reviews and public reception at large her words have indeed come true only, they aren’t in the positive way that she had hoped for. Many have found her character in the second half to be more irritating and the real minus in the second half. May be when she says memorable, she meant it in a tongue-in-cheek manner. What the actual reality is only she will know but when it comes to the reality of character in the film, we guess we could judge it. Do you really think it was memorable and her short role had impact?