RRR Movie poster designsRRR is up for a release on the 25th of this month. The film is having a solid buzz but the same was not the case when the initial promotions of the film started. The poster designs, songs, and promos were not received that well and the fans were a bit tense as to what Rajamouli is going to unleash.

But the moment the trailer came out, the expectations grew. Fans were initially not happy with the poster designs and they were similar to Baahubali. The two different posters of both the films have become a talk on social media and if you observe closely, the posters look one and the same including the new poster that came out yesterday.

Tough master Rajamouli has not spent time on the posters and approved the similar Baahubali designs. A section says that Rajamouli has done all this as a sentiment.

Whatever is the reason, this has not much significance at this time. Only thing that matters now is will Rajamouli meet the high expectations and deliver a true blockbuster or not.