Sharwanand made a brief comeback of sorts with Oke Oka Jeevitham and he is now back with Manamey, which appears to be an urbane rom-com. Sharwa looks stylish and suave in the glimpse video and he sports an urbane demeanor.

The visuals shown in the teaser are looking rich and vibrant. Krithi Shetty looks gorgeous and their relationship appears to be the main drive. Sharwa’s casual playboy-esque charm is met by the independent nature of Krithi’s personality.

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The music and visuals in the teaser have a pleasant vibe and they have Sriram Aditya mark imprinted.

The teaser promises a technically rich rom-com and it has to be seen what the full film will have to offer. More promotional material will be out in the due course.

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But the issue of late has been that such soft rom-coms have been finding it hard to pull the audience to theaters in big numbers. So Manamey will have to offer that much bit more to possess that X factor.

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