TFI-Giving-The-Best-To-2.0--MovieIn two days we will all witness the magic of 2.0, but before that, it is all about the advance booking as they are open across the country. The early report is out, and the expected is happening.

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It is the Telugu film industry that is leading the advance charge of Shankar and Rajinikanth’s 2.0. Across the three languages, the booking in the two Telugu states is the best without any doubt. Not that others are weak, but while they are at ‘good’ level, the Telugu is excellent.

Superstar Rajinikanth and director Shankar have been a massive brand among the Telugu audience for ages. The star may have failed with his last outing, but that can be seen as an exception. 2.0 with its opening will again show the goodwill Rajini enjoys in Telugu cinema. As far as Shankar is considered, except Snehitudu, he had always delivered the biggest with his dubbed movies, sometimes even when they underperformed.

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The trade in Telugu is expected a 20 Cr plus share opening for 2.0. We have to wait and see if that is a reality or not as a lot will depend on the talk. 2.0 hits screens worldwide in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on November 29th.