The film Damarukam is all set to be released on the 20th of this month. Actor Nagarjuna shared his own thoughts about the film, selling it as a major graphic based film as the likes of Avatar.

Nagarjuna praised the technicians of the film, going so far as to name the producer and the music director, the heroes of the movie. “There are two stars for this movie – the producer and the music director. All the technicians worked day in, day out with the intention of making it like an Indian Avatar,” he said.

Another thing that this flick brings to the table is the Godavari dialect, which will be carried out by Nagarjuna himself who said that “The film reminded me of ‘Hello Brother’. Ravi Shankar’s role is like that of SV Ranga Rao in ‘Mayabazaar’.”

Topping off the whole thing, Nagarjuna also mentioned that Charmi was his lucky mascot, such that all of the films done with her were hits. Looks like someone has a lot of hopes for this movie!