The mother side in Hansika
The amount of love Hansika shares on children prove one thing straight, that she will make a great mother when she will have her own kids. The young actress is already 23 kids in Bombay, and she recently added one more kid to the account besides the 30 cancer-affected children she supports.

In spite of her busy schedule, Hansika whenever goes home to Mumbai, she ensures to spend time with the children she supports financially and also provides education. She says she likes to spend time with the kids as much as possible and that she enjoys her company.

She added that for this diwali, she had booked a bus and accompanied the children to buy them crackers and sweets. She admits that to find time amidst her ongoing projects is very tough, and therefore, hardly finds time to spend with the children. But she added that the children are well taken care of and she attends to their personal needs.