Tollywood -Hero MoviesHe has become a Tollywood hero after getting married to a girl from a big family. He has two films in his kitty and both of them are struggling to release for a long time.

Luckily, the producers of those films found slots for release. They are keen on releasing the films which are lying in cans for a long time.

But the hero had lost interest completely on films. Rumors are that he is afraid to face the media fearing questions about his relationship.

All is not well in his personal life for a few months and things are looking bleak. One of the two films kickstarted the promotions without the hero.

There is absolutely no clue about the second one even though the release date is knocking at the door. The producers are totally clueless about how to handle the issue.

A film with hero not promoting it will naturally struggle to garner attention.

If the hero comes before media, the focus will be completely on the personal life than the films. So, the producers are in two minds about how to approach the situation.

Buzz in the Filmnagar is that he may not do films going forward!!