Anirudh Ravichander is one of the biggest names in the South Indian cinema space and there are occasions when he single-handedly saved a film with his musical work. His next big outing is Devara in Tollywood and the stakes are particularly high on the same.

However, of late there has been too much talk against Anirudh in the recent past with social media buzz that he is delaying the musical works of Devara. There is a negative campaign that Anirudh is the reason behind Devara’s postponement.

What goes on internally is not to the best understanding of outsiders but these rumors give negative PR to Anirudh and this is not what he wants to be associated with a huge pan-Indian film like Devara.

Anirudh’s music quality can never be questioned but these negative rumors about his work ethic don’t make for a good hearing. Moreover, the speculation that Anirudh’s delay is the reason behind Devara’s postponement is not good PR for the film either.

One way to curb this narrative is by releasing the first single from the film. The expectations are naturally high as well, but the onus is on team Devara and Anirudh himself to eliminate this trash talk.