TV media's scathing attack on Rajamouli!
The otherwise media friendly Rajamouli has to face the ire of media in recent times. It all started with the allegations of copying Baahubali making video concept from a video called ‘Comic Epic Promo’. A leading News channel aired a special program on it in the prime time and this annoyed Rajamouli very much. Clarifying the issue, he asked media to behave responsibly when dealing with issues affecting other’s credibility.

This statement only doubled the anger. That channel telecasted a special program in which they showed the scenes which were copied/inspired from previous Rajamouli movies. They even went on to say if purchasing copyrights make it legal, instead of putting a stamp as ‘A film by SS Rajamouli’, put ‘Copyrighted by SS Rajamouli’. This is quite a bit of attack on SSR’s stature. But the program mostly had documented evidences of plagiarism. Hence, Rajamouli preferred to keep mum this time. Click Here for Video