Unbelievable Gossip on Samantha-Chay!Samantha and Naga Chaitanya have parted ways. They are busy with their acting assignments now. Samantha is evidently trying to erase the memory of Chay and the fact that she recently unfollowed him on Instagram implies the same.

Coming to the point, a wild speculation regarding ChaySam is now spreading like wildfire on social media. It is reported that lady director Nandini Reddy who shares a close rapport with Samantha is trying to bring Sam and Chaitanya together for a film.

This is as vague as it can get. It hasn’t even been 6 months since Chay and Sam announced divorce and they are evidently trying not to cross paths. Netizens are now commenting that Samantha and Chaitanya would be least interested in coming together for a film now.

“Recently, when Chaitanya and Samantha had to shoot in Rama Naidu Studios, they apparently asked their managers to make sure they don’t come face to face. How on earth will they okay the idea of collaborating for a film and acting alongside each other?” a netizen commented while reacting to the said speculation.