Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s ‘Animal’ is generating massive buzz and gearing up for a grand opening.

Just before the release, during recent interviews, the director revealed an interesting update about the replacement of the female lead.

Initially, Sandeep Vanga cast Parineeti Chopra despite her low market value, citing his belief in her performance capabilities.

However, during the trial shoots, he found her unsuitable for the role as envisioned and informed her about the decision to replace her. Sandeep mentioned her disappointment but emphasized that nothing outweighs the importance of the film, leading to his choice.

Rashmika Mandanna steps in as the replacement, and her performance’s impact remains to be seen in this film.

When news emerged about Parineeti’s departure from ‘Animal,’ it was announced that she exited the project due to another opportunity she wished to pursue.