Yashoda-MasoodaThe US box office went into sleep mode again this weekend as Masooda couldn’t create any ripples. The film got decent reviews as a one-time watch horror thriller but the audience didn’t show much interest.

The film collected around 23 K in its first two days at the USA box office which is a poor number. Some reviewers gave it favorable reviews as this genre isn’t much explored in Tollywood but the collections tell a different story.

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On the other hand, Samantha’s surrogacy thriller Yashoda also crashed after the initial hype died down. The film did decent business on the first weekend despite the story telling is overly dramatized and amateurish in handling revelations which is very important for a film in thriller genre.

During the first weekend three days, Samantha’s star power, recent controversies and the sympathy factor associated with her worked in the favor of the film. But later as the word-of-mouth wasn’t too great and the film’s collections fell drastically. It has collected $24K on Friday and $25 K on Saturday despite no competetion in second weekend.

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