Varna crashes post weekend everywhere

And the inevitable has happened as expected. The big budget fantasy film Varna starring Anushka had a steep fall after the weekend. One could almost term it as an epic crash which means the film could very well be ending its run at the end of the first week itself with nothing much to add in the coming weeks. But what must not be forgotten here is that the openings itself were on lower side so the overall loss would be huge to the investors.

Things aren’t that rosy for the Tamil version of the film too. Although the film had comparatively a bigger opening in Tamil Nadu there too the film has seen big fall post the weekend. The fall has been universal across all sections with not even the A centers or the multiplexes coming on board as saving grace. Varna is sure to become the biggest disaster in the career of director Sri Raghava, the trade says. The director’s last few films although not big money spinners were still break even ventures for the producers despite not being regular commercial fares and hence such huge investment had been put up for this venture. Alas! It’s all going to be wasted.