Varna happened because of PVP -Sri Raghava

Filmmaker Sri Raghava’s highly anticipated film Varna, which is getting ready for release soon, is said to one of its kind fantasy film. Talking at the audio launch of the film, the directors said that he has only person to thank on behalf of the entire film, and that’s none other than Prasad V. Potluri of PVP, who have produced this film.

He said that his film was tagged as fit to be made only as an animation film. He said several people he met before PVP told him that Varna can’t be made into a feature for its complex story. However, Raghava said that when he narrated the script to Prasad, he instantly agreed to do the film.

He also said that we should stop comparing Indian cinema with Hollywood. He said that we shouldn’t compare because we don’t have what they have and there’s absolutely no need to compare. He added that we also have several good filmmakers like Rajamouli and others and we should be proud of them.

Raghava is confident that in 10 or 15 years from now, Indian cinema will be on par with Hollywood. He said it’s just a matter of time and we should patiently wait and celebrate Indian cinema.