Rajnikanth Vikram Simha song review

The new song Choodham Aakasam Antham from Rajinikanth-starrer Vikrama Simha released Monday is emotionally uplifting. Composed by A.R Rahman, crooned by S.P Balasubramanyam and lyrics by Chandrabose is definitely one of the best songs from a superstar film.

The song opens to grand orchestra-backed blaring horns with recurring percussion. The song is highly energetic but Rahman skillfully gives it a melodic touch by introducing different instrumental portions.

SPB breathes life into the song. Lines such as ‘Lakshyam Ennattikee Dheekshaki Bandhuvuraa’, ‘Vijayam Eppattikke Chemmatakki Chuttumaraa’ are highly optimistic and inspiring.

The song will definitely sound brilliant on the big screens. The song demands multiple hearing, thanks to SPB’s stimulating voice and Rahman’s energetic composing. Click Here for Video