Dheeraj Mogilineni is the producer of Suhas’ Ambajipeta Music Band releasing on February 2nd. Ahead of the release, M9 News Journalist Nishant sat with him to discuss his background, journey, Ambajipeta Music Band, his association with Geetha Arts, and his future projects.

Dheeraj Mogilineni along with Vamsi Nandipati (Polimera 2 producer) distributed Gunturkaaram and HanuMan in Krishna district. He explains how he will end up with a minor profit of 15-25 Lakh Rupees. He also added that producer Nagavamsi already settled the GST amount for the film. He also revealed how HanuMan would make an 8 Crore share from Krishna and West Godavari districts.

He also said he would distribute Pushpa 2 in Krishna district.

Talking about the February 2nd release, he said, “Ambajipeta is 60% emotion and 40% entertainment. There is a serious emotion in the film and people will be impressed. I watched the final copy and I am very confident about its success”.

He also explained how he ended up in Geetha compound, the involvement of Allu Aravind in these films, how Allu Arjun is involved in the movie production, who is the heir of Allu Aravind in the production, and the rumors about the rift between Allu Sirish and the family.

He also added about his future projects. “My immediate next project is The Girlfriend with Rashmika. It is a love story with beautiful nuances, emotions, etc. We will release at the Pan-India level. I have films lined up with Pavan Sadineni and Chaavu Kaburu Challaga director,” he said.