We Took the Feedback and Fixed It in Singam 3Suriya’s ‘Singham 3’ is going to hit theaters on 23rd December and Suriya’s fans are waiting eagerly to watch the third installment in the Singham series. How different is it going to be from the other two parts?

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The feedback Singham team got was that while the first part has a lot of family connect and less action, the second part had a lot of chases and action with four villains, the family connect was missing mostly. Keeping this feedback in mind, ‘Singham 3’ is fixed.

The makers of ‘S3’ had stricken a good balance between the family time and the action, taking into consideration all the feedback and comments they got for the first two installments in Singham series says Suriya talking about how different it is going to be from other two parts. Well, let’s wait and see on 23rd December how far they could strike that balance between action and family aspect.

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