What does Yevadu postponement indicate?

Its been 3 months exactly after the release of Ram Charan’s Yevadu audio but the movie is yet to see the light. The movie release plans were hampered with the strikes in Seemandhra region but now with situation coming to control. Everybody expected Yevadu to release but Dil Raju held it and is releasing his other production, Ramayya Vasthavayya. What could be the possible reasons for the postponement.Check Out:-

1. Financial Problems: It is highly unlikely that a project of Dil Raju getting in to financial trouble especially if it has Ram Charan in the lead rule.
2. Not so confident of the result: Dil Raju may be waiting for favorable time with out competition for the movie release. This may be the case of him being not so confident about the product in his hand. The recent news of re-editing the movie also adds weight to this option.
3. Fully Confident of the result: He may be confident of the movie’s result and is waiting for the right time to rake a moolah at the box office.

We will get the answer on Yevadu release day.