We see some movies featuring unknown actors streaming on OTT within a week or two of their theatrical releases. But now, Netflix has dropped something a bit surprising.

Gangs of Godavari, featuring a well-known hero like Vishwak Sen and a decent cast, will be streaming on Netflix starting June 14th in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. This is exactly 14 days after the movie released in theaters.

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Not only that, the film is produced by a well-known production house, Sithara Entertainments, and is not a low-budget production.

This quick transition to OTT might also impact perceptions of actors like Vishwak Sen. Audiences might start expecting his future releases to be available on streaming platforms within 1-2 weeks, potentially influencing their decision to watch his films in theaters.

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A netizen reacted to Netflix’s announcement on the streaming date, saying, “Something seriously fucked up is happening with our producers if they are willingly allowing this to happen. This is way too fucking soon.