Ambajipeta Marriage Band US Collections

Ambajipeta Marriage Band concluded its crucial first weekend run in the U.S. and collected $157K.

The film will be a loss venture for the U.S. distributor, as the break-even value is more than $350K. The film is likely to end up below or around $200K. If we minus theater commissions and other expenses, the final tally will be far from the break-even figure.

However, the curious case is why it has failed to generate word of mouth, as the entire web-media unanimously rated it 2.75/5, which is considered a good rating. Typically, any film with this high rating would automatically generate word of mouth.

For that matter, no other film in the recent past has received ratings from most websites like this without generating numbers at the U.S. box office.

When it comes to the release, the U.S. distributor FlyHigh Cinemas gave the best release (206 locations) for a Suhas film, on par with any known star’s film.

Even Suhas’s previous film, Writer Padmabhushan, was released by the same distributor in 120 locations, while Ambajipeta Marriage Band received twice as big a release.

If we set aside the ratings and the big release, in short, the film’s content lacked the newness or excitement needed to generate word of mouth.

Everything in the film is extremely routine and stays at the surface level, which is the main issue for not escalating audience word of mouth. For small films to make big noise, this is not enough. Viewers have already watched numerous films in this category, and unless there is something ambitious, though not bad, it will not excite for theater going to audiences these days.