Siddhu Jonnalagadda’s Tillu Square has emerged as a blockbuster, achieving break-even by the end of the first weekend. The film amassed a worldwide share of 32 crores in just three days.

Maintaining its momentum, the film continued to perform strongly with a 3.5 crore share worldwide on the first Monday. However, there was a 25-30% drop observed on Tuesday. According to trade experts, the first week’s share is projected to reach around 42-43 crores, with a gross of 72-75 crores worldwide.

The next milestone for the film is to surpass the 100 crores gross worldwide mark. However, this task won’t be easy, especially with the release of Vijay Deverakonda’s Family Star next week. The upcoming film has generated decent hype, and there is significant excitement among the audience to watch a Vijay Devarakonda film in theaters.

Given Vijay Deverakonda’s substantial fan following among the youth, and considering that Tillu Square also targets youngsters, the film must maintain its momentum despite the competition from Family Star.

If Family Star receives positive reviews, Tillu Square will face stiff competition. To reach the coveted 100-crore milestone, it cannot afford a significant drop and must show improvement during the weekend.